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Zimmermann - that means first and foremost: play yourself happy. Delight in a wonderful sound at a truly fair price. This is why all our uprights and grand pianos are designed, constructed and also controlled by C. Bechstein. As you can hear. Only in this way can we come closer to achieving our mission: we want everyone to have the opportunity to play on a quality acoustic piano.

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A sturdy and particularly affordable parlor grand piano for demanding players.

Z 185 Standard


A mid-sized grand piano with a pleasant touch and an exemplary processing.

Z 175 Standard


A small, charming baby grand piano with full timbre and melodious charisma.

Studio S 160


Our smallest grand piano: a true sound marvel.

Studio S150


An affordable concert piano – perfect for recording studios, music conservatory auditoriums or your stage at home.

Studio S8


Zimmermann’s entry-level piano impresses with warm sound and excellent touch.

Studio S6


The perfect piano for young beginners.

Studio S4


The smallest piano in the Studio line. But the same great sound.

Studio S2


By C. Bechstein

The exceptional C. Bechstein genes make it possible: Zimmermann offers affordable instruments with magnificent quality  – especially when it comes to the crucial aspects of sound and touch.

Zimmermann Pianos

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