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Wilh. Steinberg Pianos

An attractive design with impressively dynamic sound and the remarkable quality of all Wilh. Steinberg instruments account for the base of their success. More than 140 years of experience combined with state-of-the-art piano building technologies ensures the Wilh. Steinberg promise for a nice, colorful sound and superior quality.

The sound is powerful and alike singing, making it an ideal grand piano.

P 178


With its exquisitely designed piano proportions, it can integrate into various spaces flexibly with accurate feedback, allowing you to play with full passion.

P 165


It has a mellow tone and rich layers of sound - a rare baby-grand piano.

P 152


The P125E’s sharp cabinetry gives it the versatility to effortlessly fit into any environment.

P 125E


Paired with higher specifications and impresses with its word of mouth and reputation.

P 121


The refined design and quality enable the P-118 model to play the ideal melody at any time.

P 118


Wilh. Steinberg Pianos

These grand and upright pianos are based on the German Wilh. Steinberg design, crafting techniques and technologies.

Performance Series

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