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Brodmann Pianos

Top-quality since 1853: the C. Bechstein name is synonymous with exquisite grand and upright pianos made in Germany. Nicknamed the "King" of pianos, C. Bechstein boasts outstanding quality for ambitious beginners and professional pianists alike.

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The Brodmann PE 228 is said to be THE finest semi-concert grand in this category available today.

PE 228


The Brodmann PE 212 is a prime example of the finest Viennese scale design in its price category in the piano industry.

PE 212


The Brodmann PE 187 is one of the most popular models in the Brodmann family of grand pianos.

PE 187


The Brodmann PE 162 is designed for the home or venue that requires a powerful projection and a balanced touch.

PE 162


The Brodmann PE 150 is the smallest of the Brodmann grand pianos.

PE 150


The Brodmann PE 130 is the largest upright piano in the Brodmann family.

PE 130


The European scale design delivers the classic rich tones of Brodmann and the reliability you have come to expect.

PE 126I


The PE 124V performs comparably to grand pianos with the new durable, responsive and stable carbon fiber action.

PE 124V


The Brodmann PE 121 is, by far, one of the most popular upright models.

PE 121


Brodmann Pianos

The W. Hoffmann Professional line stands out for its sturdiness and its powerful, harmonious sound. These mid-range, yet high-class pianos of exceptional quality integrate choice raw materials and boast a high level of craftsmanship, making them a good alternative to Bechstein, the premium brand. 

Professional Series

The Brodmann CE 175 fulfills the needs of any home or smaller institution that need a full-bodied sound within budget.

CE 175


The Brodmann CE 148 was fashioned for the home. Even though this is a small baby grand, it performs like a much larger piano.

CE 148


The Brodmann CE 118 is the only upright in the Conservatory Edition. It is the most affordable upright on the market with optimal specifications. T

CE 118


Brodmann Pianos

Instruments at an unbeatable price: Your gateway to the C. Bechstein and W. Hoffmann world. From their pleasant touch to their impeccable and nuanced action that enables you to repeat notes easily, these pianos meet all European quality standards. 

Conservatory Series

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