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Piano Storage

$3/day for uprights, $3.50/day for grands

Moving temporarily? Remodeling your home? Building a new house? We provide short and long-term piano storage in a climate controlled storage area.  

  • ​Is your storage climate controlled.

    • Yes

  • Can you provide the moving to and from storage?

    • Yes! Find out more about piano moving here

  • Can you tune the piano once it is out of storage?

    • Yes! Find out more about piano tuning here

  • How do I pay for this service?

    • We will bill you automatically monthly for your storage. 

How often should I tune my piano?

​Pianos should be tuned at the very least once a year. Some situations may require a more frequent tuning such as If you have several children taking piano lessons at the same time, you are a piano teacher, you play a lot yourself, if you have an incredibly sensitive ear, or if there is a significant temperature/humidity shift. 

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